Saturday, 16 May 2009

What a glorious feeling - just canvassing in the rain

What dedication form our Andover North Candidate, Pam Mutton and of course from our local MP - to go out canvassing on a very wet Friday night speaking to the good people of Roman Way. We were faced by the challenge of quite heavy rain last night - but that didn't deter us. Unlike the cricket yesterday rain did by no means stop play. The look of shock on some people's faces when they saw their MP, County Council Candidate & Local Councillor on the doorstep - looking like drowned rats was quite amusing. They admired our dedication though and we were able to communicate our message of what we have been doing to combat anti-social behaviour in that area.

In a week where the news has been literally dominated by MP's Expenses - and as I said yesterday the main issue on the doorstep, it was nice to Canvass alongside Sir George Young. I am reliably informed that some County Council Candidates across the Country are asking their MP not to come out campaigning with them as they don't want to be associated with the bad press associated with expenses. That was never going to be the case with our hard working MP. His expenses have been published on his website for the last four months. He was telling people that the Conservatives are in favour of a change in the system and that David Cameron's stance of making Conservative MPs pay the money back where they have submitted an unjustifiable claim was the correct one.

All in all a good evening canvassing - we will be knocking on a door near you very soon.

Cllr P Mutton, Myself & Sir George Young MP

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