Thursday, 21 May 2009

Moats, Manure & now a Duck House - what will come out next?

Yes it has now come to light that a Duck House, a Duck House! Is the latest outrageous expense claim submitted by one MP. A Duck house - a small structure on an Island in a pond is designed to keep the ducks free from foxes. This does seem unlikely that this was required in order for that particular MP, Sir Peter Viggers to fulfil his duty in Parliament. I know we have seen some very dodgy expense claims come to light over the past fortnight - but it begs the question, not just why it was submitted in the first place, but what were the fees office doing in approving it?
However for this Tory MP his Parliamentary Career is now over. David Cameron was said to be extremely angry about this claim and immediately took a firm stance. Either Sir Peter Viggers stands down at the next election or David Cameron would withdraw the Party Whip. He will now stand down at the next election.

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