Thursday, 21 May 2009

A Victory for Parliament

Over the last decade we have seen the growth & growth of the executive at national level - whilst the power of the legislature and Parliament overall has diminished. Today however we saw a victory for the Gurkha's and a victory for Parliament. Today the Government finally completed its 'U' Turn and granted permission for all Gurkha's who served for a continuous period of four years pre 1997 to be able to reside in this Country (post 1997 Gurkha's serving are already able to come into this country to live). It is only right and proper that anybody who has laid their life on the line for this country - should be able to live in this Country. This came on the back of a high profile campaign fronted by Joanna Lumley and of course by that Vote in Parliament when the Government was defeated by 267 votes to 246. After that the Government had to follow the will of Parliament and the will of the people. Victory has now been secured.

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