Thursday, 21 May 2009

Canvassing in Whitchurch

This afternoon - I took in the Whitchurch Sunshine as I went canvassing in the County Council Division of Whitchurch & Clere. I have been campaigning in Whitchurch quite a bit in the last few years - mostly helping Bill Judge fight the Borough seat - but this time I was out with Tom Thacker County Council Candidate, and the view on the doorstep was quite different. As the expenses scandal runs and runs - there is a surprising amount of people that now say I am not going to vote for any of you - you are all the same. This might be because they feel that no matter where abouts on the ballot paper they put their cross - local politicians don't have the power to really change their lives. Too much power is entrenched at national level or with the quangocracy, rather than the local politician. Alternatively and its one of the points Dan Hannan picks up on his blog today - the people that now say they won't vote, probably wouldn't anyway - but they now have the confidence or the anger to tell you.
All in all though it was a good afternoons campaigning - not a Labour Voter in sight, and plenty of Tories.

Cllr D Drew, Tom Thacker & Myself

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