Sunday, 31 May 2009

Canvassing in King Arthurs Way

Yesterday I was out canvassing in my ward in King Arthurs Way, for the Andover North Division - promoting our excellent candidate Pam Mutton. It was a glorious day - but the weather obviously affected at least one person. I was shocked to hear on the door, their response to the question do you think you can support us this time? - which was three words I hadn't heard of put so blatantly throughout the whole campaign - which were "Im voting Labour". Well I was shocked, shocked not only that they wanted to support the Labour Party, but that they admitted to it. Something that has been unheard of on the doorstep in recent weeks. The poll out this morning in the Sunday Telegraph compounds this - it puts the Labour Party below the Lib Dems, "Asked who they would support in a general election, only 22 per cent of voters back Labour, with the party slumping behind both the Conservatives on 40 per cent and, crucially for Mr Brown's future, the Liberal Democrats who are on 25 per cent".
The mood on the doorstep for the Conservatives is very positive - many people opened the door saw the blue rosette and said "we will be supporting the Conservatives" or "we have already voted for your party by post". People are in the mood for real change and they want to send Gordon Brown a message this Thursday - that the country needs to change direction.

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