Friday, 15 May 2009

Canvassing in Penton & Weyhill

After recovering from an extra long planning meeting last night - I am today launching my blog - in which I intend to post updates of what I have been getting up to as a Borough Councillor, Political Commentary & Political Opinion of the National Scene.
Yesterday I was out canvassing with my fellow TVBC Councillor Colleague Ellie Charnley and County Councillor Pat West, who is seeking re-election in the Andover West Ward. Pat has been a Borough and now County Councillor for many years and commands so much respect from residents on the doorstep due to her fine record of getting local things done.

The main issue on the doorstep and I imagine this is the same for all parties out canvassing at the moment - is undoubtedly MP's expenses. It is shocking what some MP's have been up to, not all I must stress, and it is also shocking that in some cases the court of public opinion tars all polticians however minor with the same brush. I personally do not claim any expenses from the council. I do take up my allowance which is just over 6k a year ( not at all enough to pay one mortgage, let alone one on a second home) - but I don't claim for any fuel expenses etc, etc. In terms of the Westminster state of affairs it is a system that has to be changed and I think David Cameron has shown some real leadership on this matter in the last week. For the good of everybody in this country I hope it gets sorted as soon as possible.

Overall though it was a succesful day - with a great level of support for the Conservatives. From the people I speak to it is not just that they want to send Gordon Brown a message at these Local & European elections - they genuinely want a Conservtive Government so change can happen in this country. Im off later on to do some canvassing in my own patch with our fantastic candidate for Andover North Pam Mutton.

Cllr E Charnley, County Cllr P West & Myself

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lefay246 said...

Great to see you have started this blog Phil. I have been watching the news about MP's expenses with interest. I too have never claimed any expenses. However I think this is not so much about claiming expenses, but rather more about how some MP's seem intent on bending the rules and in some cases breaking them for personal profit.

I do think that David Cameron has a feel for how disgusted the public are, and has taken the initiative to deal with this within our own party. Leaving the current Prime Minister to follow in David's footsteps, showing how lacking in leadership Gordon Brown really is.

Another figure in parliament who seems to be completely out of touch with the public's outrage at this scandal, is the Speaker of the House Michael Martin. How long he keeps his position, and we have a more capable person in the job, with more respect remains to be seen.

Cllr Ellie Charnley