Thursday, 11 June 2009

Why do we keep talking about the BNP?

The first question on Question Time tonight was about the BNP. In a week - where there is more important things to talk about, public spending plans, the tube strikes, the job cuts in Cheltenham & Gloucester, swine flu etc - why are we still talking about the BNP. They won two seats in the European Parliament out of 69 MEP's we returned to Brussels, and on less votes than they got in 2004.
The reason why they got elected was because turnout was down - and because they kept being talked up. When you get leading Labour Ministers saying before the election 'saying whatever you do don't vote BNP' - people thought well if they are saying don't vote for them - then I am going to go out and just bloody do it.
Anyway - I myself have spoken too much about these left wing ignorant fascists. So am going to leave it there.

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