Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Perils of being a Postman or Politician

2 days until go until the election, and after undoing and then closing countless gate latches, knocking on literally hundreds of doors, delivering thousands of bits of paper, enduring the sapping sun throughout this campaign I was finally forced to stop (only for an hour max), as I encountered a dog who obviously lives under the letterbox.

No sooner as I had pushed the leaflet gently through the letterbox pushing aside the draft excluder- one of our canine friends took a huge bite of my finger. After the initial shock and some cursing - I desperately tried to prevent the other leaflets in my other hand turning red. A feat in which you will be pleased to know I succeeded in. After a bit of a patch up I was out delivering again - but with a more cautious approach to what could be behind each front door. I suspect every postman and politician in the land has suffered the same perils.

I am now fighting fit and will continue with my efforts tomorrow, to help get Pam Mutton elected to serve the residents of Andover North but hopefully tomorrow will be a less eventful day than today.

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