Sunday, 7 June 2009

Election Success

After a 17 & half day hour day on Thursday - delivering last minute leaflets and knocking on doors encouraging people to go and vote; it was Friday morning the count was taking place, and what a success.
Locally we held on to our two Andover seats - Andover South & Andover West and gained Andover North from the Lib Dems. The hard work from our Candidate Pam Mutton paid off - and she is already getting things done for our local residents.
Nationally - the Conservatives took Staffordshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Councils from Labour - which had run all of them for more than 25 years - as well as Devon and Somerset from the Lib Dems. The Conservatives polled 38% of the Vote, the Lib Dems 28% and Labour an historic low of 23%. Gordon Browns position is now on a knife edge - I suspect he will now survive but if the European results are worse than his own backbenchers can bare - there may well be an internal putsch. I am attending the Euro Count later today and will update the blog when the results come in. I am personally keeping my fingers crossed that our former-North West Hampshire Constituency Chairman - Therese Coffey will be elected an MEP for the South East Region.

L - R, Janet Palmer, County Cllr P Mutton,
County Cllr D Kirk & County Cllr P West.

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