Monday, 21 September 2009

Its Conference Season

Party Conference Season is upon us and in two weeks time I will be up in Manchester at the Conservative showpiece - this week however the Liberal Democrats are in Bournemouth.
On a day when a Poll conducted for the BBC's Newsnight programme - showed that over a third of British Adults do not know who Nick Clegg is the Lib Dems were trying to get their policies across to the British public. At a national level many people who vote Lib Dem - do not know what they stand for, I know I have spoken to them on the doorstep. Many people will vote for them because they see them as a middle ground in fact they are not and that was proved today. This week gives the Lib Dems an all too rare a chance to get their message across - but paradoxically this proves negative for them.

Today they revealed a new property tax, a charge of 0 .5% would apply to the value of a property above £1m. So if a home was worth £1.5m the 0.5% tax would apply to £500,000 of it, meaning the owner will have to pay £2,500 a year. They claim that by taxing the middle classes and the rich even more they will be able to help those on the minimum wage. However people can see through their policy and understand that taxing the wealth creators even more is not good for the economy as a whole. On another note as Iain Dale says - "just because you live in a big house it doesn't mean you can find another couple of grand to pay the taxman. What about a retired couple who have lived in a house all their lives and never dreamed it would become so valuable? Where are they supposed to come up with the readies from? Well, where? I'm waiting...".

Nick Clegg adresses his troops: Source Telegraph Blogs

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michael said...

Almost the first action for the Lib Dems is to reveal plans to attack people with expensive houses. He mentions names like Abramovitch saying that these people in expensive houses can afford to pay more.
I have no doubt that Abramovitch and his ilk can pay a lot more.
But many people, often elderly, are in properties worth a million pounds or more, especially in London. They may have bought them 50+ years ago and are now quietly living out their lives on low incomes.
Nick Clegg shows his extreme left views by using this emotive language. Who knows, perhaps he really does believe that socialism is good for all of us!